About Us

Based in South Bristol, Zeal Interiors was set up by Holly Wicks in 2015. Holly was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by luxurious materials and inspirational interiors. Encouraged by artistic parents, Holly began designing, making and sewing from a young age, and took art at GCSE, and then A level. This creative springboard led Holly to dabble in photography & styling, mixed-media, TV production, creative writing and journalism.

As a young adult, Holly honed traditional seamstress skills from her mother Linda, who owns a successful furnishings business in Somerset. With these practical techniques fully developed, Holly decided to set up her own business at Bristol's creative hub, Paintworks. Holly is passionate about interiors and markets her creative & personalised services to clients who want to add character, vibrancy and colour to their homes.

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TEL: 07890 578 782


Bespoke soft furnishings designed with zeal

Serving: bristol, bath and surrounding areas