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the right TRIBE

Now January is almost out of the way, it's time to start getting excited about Spring and Summer trends and fresh off the press textile collections.

Here's one from one of our trusted brands Prestigious Textiles - that's sure to set a few hearts aflutter with its stylish, statement patterns and textures. Without further ado we present some of our favourite designs from Prestigious Textiles' Tribe collection.

This Serengeti-inspired portfolio includes intriguing jacquards, embroidered sheers and artful designs featuring everything from Damara zebras to towering giraffes. Following the long-standing trend for animal prints and patterns, Tribe has a palette of sandy, dusty hues that are synonymous with adventures across sun-drenched African vistas.

If you'd really like some curtains, blinds, seats or cushions made up in any of these designs, please get in touch here.

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