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The roaring 20s

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

So here we are. A new decade brandished as the 'roaring 20s'. Cheers to that!

To celebrate the new decade and the start of our 5th year of trading - here's a shiny new blog for your reading pleasure.

Zeal at 5 years old

It's taken a lot of motivation and perseverance to get here but we've loved every minute. Any small business owner will tell you that setting out on your own is like juggling 10 jobs in one from the outset - as you take on all roles to minimise expenditure. Seamstress, client liaison, quality control, marketeer, social media manager, business development assistant are just a few business essentials that need tending to a daily basis. But the silver-lining of handling all these job roles is that it also bring accountability, control and complete creative freedom.

What to expect here:

• Weekly posts

• Hints & tips

• Trend analysis

• Textile reviews

• Case studies

If you have a home interior project that requires a bespoke approach - be it window treatments, soft furnishings or outdoor seating - go to our contact page & book in a free consultation with Holly.

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